Please help me remove this!

So Ive starting coding using Codecademy for a couple of days, and it randomly started highlighting red whenever I start using “<” or “>”. How do I disable this?

do you mean coding HTML ?

Sorry, I added an image. But the “<” Is also red and its basically invisible.

Hi, welcome to the forums.

That’s the editor informing you that what you’ve written is syntactically incorrect HTML.

If you want to output a literal “less than” or “greater than” sign in HTML, given that they are fundamentally required to construct tags (which are the basic building block), you ought to use the canonical form:

<p>This is a less-than sign: &lt;</p>
<p>This is a greater-than sign: &gt;</p>

This is a less than sign: <
This is a greater-than sign: >

Anything else will be interpreted by the editor as invalid HTML, and it’ll highlight it to you for correction. :slight_smile:

There’s a list of these entities and how to use them available on the Mozilla Dev Network.

The problem is that “<” sign is not visible in the editor. But the “>” is displayed.
So every time I write “<” I see nothing in the editor except error square.
This occurring from time to time last months and it’s really annoying bug

It’s not a bug. It’s the editor highlighting invalid HTML markup.

It is a bug.
Both snippets have “<>” signs.
In one case < is not highlighted.
In another one it is.

…and neither are a valid HTML element, which is what the editor is flagging…