Please help me on this.... i am new to programing


Create a variable called eggs and assign it the value of False. my ans: eggs = False
and it says i'm wrong. please help ASAP


If this is your exercise.. (otherwise you can link the exercise )
Then You have to create two variables, spam and eggs.

spam should have value of True.
eggs should have value of False.

Refer to instructions.


thats exactly what i did sir but im having this response: File "python", line 2
"eggs = False
IndentationError: unexpected indent


Can you put snap of code or raw code that you wrote till now? :slight_smile:


I think you are not writing keyword "var" before "egg";


Read the error:

Make sure there is nothing before the word eggs on the same line.


thank you for contributing brotherly, there was whitespace before the "var" thats why i was getting that error. but can you help on the "Create a variable called now and store the result of in it". thanks


Ok, so you know how to create a variable call now. The same way you created eggs and spam.

So, how do we store the result of in it?

Well, how do you store the result of anything in a variable/ define a variable? With "=".

Hopefully, that should be enough for you to put together to get the answer. If not just say.


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