Please help me find the solution


Replace this line with your code.


var alert('This game is case sensetive!');

var ready = prompt('Are you ready to play?, please type "yes"');

if (ready =='yes'){
cosole.log(alert('Great, let\'s start?'));}
else {
console.log('We are going to miss you');
var pick = prompt('Please pick; Rock, Paper or Scissor?');

var computer = math.random();
if(computer <= .33){
computer ='Rock';
else if (computer <= .67){
computer ='Paper';
computer ='Scissor';
console.log (pick+computer);

var first=pick;
var second=computer;

function result (first,second){


if( first == second ){
    return 'Tie';
else if(first=='Paper'+ second=='Rock'){
    return 'Paper wins';
else if(first=='Scissor'+ second=='Rock'){
    return 'Rock wins';
else if(first=='Scissor' + second =='Paper'){
    return 'Scissor wins';
else {
    return 'null';


What's it doing differently from what you want? What's missing? What are you stuck on?
Please describe what it is you want to know, ask questions


Hi ionatan, it is not firing out anything. This is suppose to be a game.


I really don't know what you mean by that. But if I try to run what you have posted then the result is a syntax error at line 1


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