Please help me figure why I Can't move past ths stage


I've been trying to move past this stage. I've done what instruction 1 says as shown in the image, and when I click run, it does nothing, and doesn't take me to instruction 2. Please help me.


Hi ehiaghe,

The Lines 4 and 5 should look like this:

t.string :title
t.string :image


Hello, thanks for replying my question. I followed your suggestion, still no difference.


In that case, your problem is probably somewhere else. What's the error message you're getting?


Again, thanks.
I did as you suggested,

I didn't get any error message, yet no progress. Instruction 1 was supposed to be marked good so I can progress to 2. But no error, no progress, nothig.



I did as you suggested

Not quite. You've got this:

t.string =title
t.string =image

But you need this:

t.string :title
t.string :image

You're using an equals sign (=) instead of a colon (:)


Aww, an oversight on my part. Thank you so much for staying with me. I'm on next instruction 2 now. Thanks again.