Please help me choose ! for coding/computer science/software engineering?co

So I’m fairly new to coding, I will be going to university here in Canada in either Computer Science or Software engineering.
Now I want to future proof my laptop now. I already own a MacBook Pro Retina 13inch late 2013. 8gb RAM and 256GB SSD. Light usage in this past 3 years only, only 150 battery cycle used
Now I also recently got a MacBook Air 2017 8gb RAM and 256GB this one is brand new.
My question is which one should I keep? I want my laptop to last for the next 5 years or so.

Thanks to all

You’ll be fine with either. It sounds like you’ll have better hardware than most of your peers.
Hardware/Having the coolest OS isn’t something you need to get caught up in yet (unless that’s your interest)

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To be honest, I just want something that will last, I had my MacBook Pro for sometime now. And got a really Nice deal on the MacBook Air… Now I’m confused on which one to keep since I’ll have to give one to my sister

I’m partial to the pro, 150 battery cycles is about a tenth of it’s lifecycle so it’ll be good for a while. You really can’t go wrong, nor will you see a performance difference. Pick the one that feels “nice”

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