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Hello everyone,
I would like to say after some study here I have found that I learned nothing! I can run programs and I have no problem with going forward but my problem is I always believe that If I am not able to imagine something I am doing in my mind, it means that I didnt understand it well! For example I have a question about from datetime import datetime.
I am not sure
from datetime in first line we type is to allow us or join us to a library. so we are now connected to the library by importing from datetime import datetime.
then next we will learn that we make a variable for example as now =
this is like someone who bring for us what we need from the library yes? so we have a library and now = is our waiter who brings us the food we ordered yes?
then we say year = now year
means that we asked for current year and the waiter goes to library to bring us the year and more for day and month.

so my question is that is this way of thinking is true and am I in a true way?
and also is a function as written in course yes? so we set a function in a variable?
is there any other way without using that function?
and what is exactly the goal of this lesson?
thank you so much in advance

Replace this line with your code.


Can you explain shorter and get to the problem? I can't see the problem because of all the details.


In the beginning of your paragraph you said you have learned nothing but for one to explain how you have just explained regardless of the fact that some of the things were incorrect means you are actually learning.

Be patient, in programming you never truly grasp a concept the first time, but if you keep at it. No sooner than later you'll be writing your own cool programs! :slight_smile:


That is true. You explained better than I could!


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