Please help I dont understand .push()


Hi , The code below runs correctly. However in need help with understanding the "hits.push()" part . I am afraid i do not understand WHY. I need help understanding what the line of code is meant to do. I know the HOW from looking at the example from the start of this exercise.

In other words whats up with this line of code???

var text = "The most common way that happens is for the HTML page to show form Benjamin elements (like text boxes) Benjamin to a user that they Benjamin can type into, and then Benjamin using JS to read those values into your program's variables."
var myName = "Benjamin"
var hits = [];
for(letter = 0; letter<text.length; letter++){
    if(text[letter] === "B"){
        for(actualName = letter; actualName<letter+myName.length; actualName++){


you took a variable named hits and empty array in it.

var hits = [];  //empty array
hits.push(text[actualName]); //adding new value to the end of the array

The push() method is adding value into the array.


var i=[]; //empty array

i.push("good","better","best")  // push() method

console.log(i) // prints all items

console.log(i[2]) // ptints only 3rd items[array index starts from 0 ]

Hope you've understand :slight_smile:


Thanks! now i get it


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