Please help for this one too


I don't know how i can append multiple strings at once

start_list = [5, 3, 1, 2, 4]
square_list = []

for square_list in start_list:
     return star_list.append(0, 5**2)

print square_list


The code inside the loop for item in start_list would occur 5 times because it's iterating through start_list which contains 5 items. The .append() method takes one argument and adds it to the end of the list. So it's okay that you only perform one action because as the for loop runs, that one action will be performed 5 times.


It would make more sense to use for item in start_list because item is your location in the list start_list during each round of the loop.

On your return line, .append() only takes one argument. You want to take the current item and square ** 2 it then append() the result to square_list. There's no need to return the value because you're not in a function.


Hi @rickymccallum87,

Thanks for the directions. Can you go further and give me at least the frame of how I can write my code on this stage? I am not able to implement what you told me...


I've been told that I can't just type out correct code for you to copy/paste because that's like cheating. So here's working code for a different scenario - converting temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. If you understand this code (especially by running it to see how it works), you should be able to use the same setup, making a few key changes, to pass this exercise.

celsius_list = [50, 30, 10, 20, 40]
fahrenheit_list = []

# loop through each item in the celsius list
for item in celsius_list:
    # perform conversion (F = C * 9 / 5 + 32)
    # append result to new list
    fahrenheit_list.append(item * 9 / 5 + 32)
    # see the list as it is built each loop
    # just for visual feedback in the console
    print fahrenheit_list

# see the complete list after looping
print fahrenheit_list


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