Please help! font-weight: bold;

Did you set the ‘p’ selector around line 32 to have a font weight of bold?

p {
  color: AliceBlue;
  line-height: 1.3em;
  text-align: left;
  width: 100%;
  font-family: Helvetica;
  font-weight: bold;

I have already read all the past topics on this issue but not one of the options I did not fit. I tried: go back, update the page, update the exercise, changed 3 browsers: mozilla, chrome, explorer, started the whole CSS theme first,
changed the location " font-weight: bold;" in the rule. How else can I go on?

Same issue here. I’m on with the help advisor. Will post here if I find a fix

Passed it just there. If you look at the css in the h2 just above the p, it’s set to 100.

I used the same technique, setting the p font-weight to 100 and it passed me! Strange, I’ll report the bug anyway.

Unfortunately, this technique does not work either.

I have the same problem and nothing work :confused:

I have the same issue!

I’ve got the same problem. Setting the p’s font weight to 100 doesn’t work either.

Same issue! I followed the steps and I cannot get it correct.

Had the same issue and I believe I have a workaround if anyone is still struggling with this:

I got frustrated and just clicked run several times. After a few times of clicking the run button I was given the option to get code or keep trying. Selecting get code did not change what I had in the css file in any way.
However, it did enable me to click the next button and pass onto step 6.
Hope this helps!

Hi there. Same pb for me with the exercices font family, font weight, text align. That already happened a few times with the HTML course. I press “Get the code” and get the exact same code I wrote and I’m able to go to the next exercise. Annoying ! And to use that method every time there’s a bug won’t have an effect on the badges you’re getting ?

Yeah , the “code solution” just writes what we all already had the “text-weight: bold;” on the p selector.
Just some bug on their part I guess , let’s just keep going.

Apparently, this entire section is malfunction, however, i basically press Run over and over till it says, Get Code. Press that option and then Next It moves you to next lesson- it’s not you, it’s written wrong- don’t lose confidence keep going! Good Luck

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