Please help before I destroy my computer

Note: I know I’ve asked for a lot of source codes lately but just read this out
Okay so after I asked how to make a chatbot I, of course, wanted to know how to make a chat application where to test out my chatbot. I have found plenty of chatbot tutorials thanks to @stetim94 and because of that I tried to find my own solution for the chat application. Now I have found some websites claiming to be safe but I read through some of the source files and they are just plain nonsense. So please provide me with something actually safe before I end up with Malicious Software on my computer

What do you mean by nonsense? Do you have a security application on your computer? What links did you click on?

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Then you must not have understood what I meant here. stetim94 provided me with a link to find help making a chatbot, not a chat application. So in this case you probably thought that I meant the solution for my chatbot project, not the chat application problem.

I’m completely mixed up. So you were looking for some more links to help you with coding your Chatbot?
And the source files are malicious?

I’m not very good at English I don’t know how to explain this… let me try explaining it differently

So what you replied was related to my earlier post about me wanting to make a chatbot, which is where stetim94 gave me a link to make one.

In this post I ask users (you in this case) to help me find a safe website to make a CHAT APPLICATION - not the chatbot because that is solved

What language are you using? Telling me which one helps me find the right site for you. Or I can just find some sites with any language.

I only know how to work with HTML, CSS and Python

OK I will keep editing the post if I find more websites. :slight_smile:

(the website below is by the Python Software Foundation, so they seem trustworthy :slight_smile: )

(more by Codementor… There’s only 2 parts unfortunately)


Okay thanks! :smile:

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Sure, no problem! :slight_smile: By the way, do you want sites with downloads in them?

Yes please

It says this post must be 20 characters long so just added this crazy long sentence that was not really needed

Edit: also why does it say I can vote on this post what is there to vote on

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There’s not many links that I find trustworthy about Chat-bots in Python. Some have adds (and possible popups) that may be malicious, so I didn’t put those links on there. There is a YouTube video on watching someone create a Chat-bot in Python, so if you would like the link to that, I can put that up.

I think votes are for if the topic is important (like the Codecademy challenges). But I wouldn’t recommend voting for no reason.


(continued from the post above) …
@irishdonuts, I just put another link in my post. I can’t find anymore links unfortunately. I think the rest that aren’t listed on the first page of the search engine are possibly malicious/spam, and I wouldn’t risk going down there.
Anyways, let me know if any of these sites work for you, or are helpful. :slight_smile:

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All sorted? I wasn’t in range of a computer

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I forgot to mention this yesterday… When I tried looking for chatbot application courses , there were some, but they look like they’re mostly for companies. They were the type of tutorial/class where programming it with a language was unnecessary and you didn’t get to do much modification to the bot.

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