Please have look in my portfolio and let me know what I could have done better or what I can do to make it look nicer

Hello fellow learners!

Am excited to share my first portfolio project with you.
The project was just right for me but got little bit challenging when it came to adding javascript to it. To be honest I have had to do a little bit of digging to try and add some functionality to it as I was not familiar with some of it.

It has taken me roughly2 weeks to get it to that stage as my time to sit and code is so limited (chef life)!

Below is the link to my repo and to my portfolio website. Thank you all.

Github repo:

website Link

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I think your portfolio looks great, Well done!

Things I would do to update

  1. For sentences, I usually prefer reading sentences that don’t span across the whole page on a larger screen. So bringing those sentences into a smaller reading space.
  2. It would be cool to add a background img that covers the top of the page so there is a little texture behind your introduction.
  3. I tend to see projects on the page instead of directing to Github. Not necessary, but could be a nice touch.

These are just suggestions, but I like it and looks great. Keep up the great work!



I really like it! I love the way you’ve listed your skills, portfolio and experience. It’s very slick. I also like the colour choices too. I agree with the above about making the sentence shorter and more compact. And maybe increasing the font size of your skills etc as it doesn’t stand out too much.

Good luck!

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thank you for your positive response. I have tried adding a width percentage to the sentences but when I do so, the menu slide in the mobile version stops coming out(Does not work)