Please give me feedback on my portfolio and resume!

Hello everyone, some of you might already seen my portfolio but I am still looking for more feedback. I am really looking into getting to the field of web development.


It’s nice that you have a variety of projects.

The only thing I would say is careful with the circular link to your own portfolio website, it’s a little redundant to have it link to the same page the user is already on.

I’d also be reticent about including personal info other than email on a resume that’s posted online.

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Thank you for your feedback. I have made changes.

Pretty cool project! On your title, where there is this animation of the rewriting of your description “Wordpress developer” and so on, maybe make it go a bit faster?

It takes a very long time for my browser (Google Chrome) to load, maybe you should look into optimizing the loading speed like deferring JavaScript.