Please give feedback on my final project!

Hi everyone,

I just finished the html/css course and created a personal page as a final project.
I would like to get some feedback!

Thanks in advance!

when pressing past, present, it should be possible to link to this section:

this should work for other elements besides section. I think adding this will improve UX.

For the rest, good job :slight_smile:


Thanks for your remark! Only I do not completely understand what you mean. When you clicked past, present or future, a window below the title screen appeared (maybe you did not see that?).

  • If you did, can you please explain your remark again? :slight_smile:
  • If you did not, I now adjusted the website so the titlescreen disappears when you click on one of the sections, so now you should be able to see where it links to.



i did, but i thought it would be even better that besides the appearing, the browser scrolls down to bring this into sight directly?

This should be possible with <a></a>