Please fix HTTPS issue with main page

This is like the 5th time this has been happening. I would go onto codecademy and this is what the website would look like:

Since the website loaded, it must be something with the CSS files, so by looking at the source code, I retrieved the CSS file and came up with an error (which I cannot show because I cannot upload more than one photo).

However, if I load that CSS file without the “https:”, but “http”, it loads it fine. At least for design purposes, can we have the CSS spreadsheet load not with https?

What happenes when you refresh the file… It used to happen like that a while ago but then it stopped…

What do you mean by refreshing the file?

As of right now, the front page of the website is having the same issue again. I want to do some web development practice, but that issue is preventing me from accessing the tutorials.

@thatrussianprogramme I haven’t had any trouble on the site at all today. Do you get an error message when you try to view the HTTPS resources?
I’m thinking maybe your computer doesn’t like the certificate Codecademy is using on the subdomain for some reason.

It happens pretty frequently. If I would log in to Codecademy every day of the week, it would easily happen 5 times out of 7 days. I even tried using different web browsers, and it still kept on failing.
I’m going to try tethering the connection from my phone and see if maybe the firewall is blocking something randomly.

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Let us know if that works :slight_smile: