Please feed back on my portfolio! Much appreciated


I’ve just finished my personal portfolio and published it on the domain I bought. If you have time to look at it and feedback it can be viewed here: .

I know I need to add more projects, but this is as far as I’ve got for now.

Thanks so much

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Hey Jenny!

This is really great! I really think that your design choices make the site accessible and do a good job of directing the viewer’s eye.

On my macbook (about 600px x 1200px), It might be nice to give a bit more distance between your picture and the header, but that might just be me! I also think that your logo text and image might benefit from being center aligned.

I also notice that your text and logo seem to get left behind when I scroll down so they don’t show up on your header further down the page.

I hope that’s helpful! It looks really great!

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Nice! I think your site is a lot of fun.

My only feedback might be that the font size and button sizes might be a little large, but that’s about it!

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Thanks so much for taking such a good look. I’ll change both of those things. Thank you for your encouragement - it has given me a boost!

Thank you very much for that. I’m encouraged! I’ll reduce the size of the buttons.

Hi, I really like your website. One note is that the circle with your picture on touches the header, and it might be more appealing if it didn’t. Otherwise I think it’s really nice!

Thank you very much for pointing that out. I really hadn’t noticed it, but you’re right. I agree - I’ll move it down. Many thanks for looking and taking the time to comment. And thanks for your kind words.