Please correct this. Show me the working code


Replace this line with your code.


i did explain the problem with your code here, also, i would remove the space from the h3 closing tag (</h3>)


I have already checked now by removing the space from h3 tag.Its still not working.


Not able to hit save and submit button


But you didn't make the changes is suggested in the other topic? If you are unable to hit the button, try ctrl + enter, or refresh the page


You can
Please find the error !!


i already did:

The spacing between p and :nth-child(3) is crucial, with the spacing as you currently have it, it will select the third element inside the paragraph.

You remove the space between p and :nth-child,(p:nth-child(3)), this will select the 3rd element of any parent if the element is a paragraph. Which brings me to my next point, for the exercise, it should be should p:nth-child(4), since nth-child counts all elements, and if the 4th element is a paragraph, apply the styling between the curly brackets.

A better way to explain this, would be to say that p:first-child doesn't apply styling, since the first element is a h3, not a paragraph


I have already removed the space h3 closing tag.
So now finally I hav the space between p and :nth-child
Whats the problem now .
Why it isn't making the font of third paragraph to 26px.?


Tell me the lines which need to be corrected.


p :nth-child(3) needs to be corrected, it requires two improvements (which i already explained)


See this after making the corrections it's still not workingUploading...


After making the corrections its s still not working.



i think it should be
p:nth-child(4) not p:nth-child(3)

what @stetim94 told you
correct it @gigaplayer02741


thanks guys...@rcodeman,@stetim94


i have the same probelm, i corrected it like you said but it's still doesn't work...


If you wouldn't have taken the time to actually read the answers in this topic, there wouldn't have been need for you to ask the question:....

the space between p and :nth-child(4) indicates you want to select the 4th element inside the paragraph, but you want to target the 4th element (in this case a paragraph) of any parent, to achieve this, remove the space between p and :nth-child(4)


I tried all of that and it's still doesn't work, that is why I asked again.

font-size: 26px;


is it working now?


Noo, and i tried literally everything

it always says like this
Oops, try again. Did you give your third paragraph a font-size of 26px? It looks like it's currently undefined.