Please check out my portfolio website -

Hey there fellow developers!

I’ve just completed my weekend project of creating my personal portfolio website using HTML, CSS and JS. It was quite an intense weekend to get it done but think it came out pretty nice! I’d love any feedback, especially on the responsive side of things, as don’t think it’s quite up to scratch there. Also, I still need to work out how to make a hamburger menu!

See it live:
Github: GitHub - Patchalv/ One page website I use as a portfolio for dev projects.


Hi Patrick!

Your portfolio website is nothing but BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a delight to see how your branding, colors and typography works together!! Love it!!!

Just a little thing, come links of your nav-bar is bronken :frowning:

Good luck in your path!!
If you have time to give me some feedback: Here's my portfolio! Never thought I would be so happy making a slide show using JavaScript!

Hey Patchalv. I am amazed at your website, great job! I love the design and colors! It looks very professional and I am sure is going to impress some recruiters in the near future.
Just a little comment on the responsiveness overall:
at certain points the columns of the boxes get a little too thin and might not look as pretty and responsive. Maybe consider checking those point and change the alignment a bit :slight_smile: Anyways, I think you are off to a great final product :sparkles::clap: