Please can someone write this simple code for me

First, declare a variable named myArray and assign it to an empty array.
Great! Now populate myArray with two strings.
Put your full name in the first string, and your Skype handle in the second.
Next, declare a function named cutName. It should expect a parameter name.
cutName should return an array by breaking up the input string into individual words.
    Example: cutName("Douglas Crockford") should return ["Douglas", "Crockford"]
    Example: cutName("John B. Smith") should return ["John", "B.", "Smith"]
Declare a new variable named myInfo and assign it to an empty object literal.
Add the following three key-value pairs to myInfo:
    Key: fullName
    Value: The result of calling cutName on the name string within myArray.
    Key: skype
    Value: The Skype handle within myArray.
    Key: github
    Value: If you have a github handle, enter it here as a string. If not, set this to null instead.

Looks like someone made that so that you had something to write :confused:

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