Please bring back groups

I’m not sure about newer users, but I was here long enough to see them appear and disappear. I can’t remember the official stance on the group feature, but it is one feature I really want to see come back. I was actually part of a decent group that had projects and things outside of what Codecademy offered that helped reiterate what we learned through the courses. I know I could always go to some other website, but I’d prefer to stay here, where I’m actually doing the coding. At least that’s what I was using my codebits for. The popular suggestion seems to be to use Github, but I find that place extremely confusing, years later, I still can’t manage on there.

So here’s hoping they bring groups back! :+1:

P.S. After writing this, I realize there’s no “cheers” emote. :frowning:

Hey Eternallocket,

I’ve been around through Groups’ disappearance, but not their appearance :slight_smile:

I miss them, but these are the new groups! We’ve got a great community over here, and the Corner Bar is a great place to ask for help or talk with people :slight_smile:
As time goes on, someone might start running a weekly challenge over there or something, but we don’t have one right now.
I agree that working on stuff like that is very helpful to learning, although there’s nothing stopping you from doing your own challenges :slight_smile:

Have you taken Codecademy’s Learn Git course? :wink: Also, CodePen is helpful for simple-ish HTML/CSS and JS projects.

Do you remember any specific things from Groups you’d like to see over here? It might be possible for some of those features to get added into here.
Also, these new forums have a ton of great features that weren’t in Groups. A list of just a few of them:

  • You can give a reason for a flag
  • Private messages!
  • Better looking (although that doesn’t matter too much)
  • These are run by Discourse, open source forum software. Since it’s a company working on just their one project, it’s a lot more stable than if Codecademy worked on their own forums as well (although they do work on these, they just don’t have to completely build them), allowing the team to work on new courses

etc… I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you want in these forums, and what you miss most from Groups :slight_smile:

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I clicked it to see what it was about, since it didn’t seem like there was a description for it; unless I missed it. I also assumed that’s what it was about. I’ll try to finish it; Github itself never seemed “noob” friendly to me. It seemed like the people on it were past what I knew. :cry: I also “use” CodePen, but that’s got more of a loner vibe to it. I usually test/try things out there, and leave my stuff untagged so it’ll be somewhat “private.”

Since you weren’t there for the appearance and are asking about it; groups were basically separate parts of the website for you and your group members. It wasn’t anything super magical, but it was the only thing on Codecaemy where you could interact with other users outside of the forums. The people in charge of the group I was in came up with ideas and things to help practice our coding. They had a list of resources for those that needed help with certain aspects of their code. It’s been such a while it’s hard to remember it all, but I think they were doing it as a sort of group timed challenge. So when you were finished, you could link it in the comments section of the project you joined and everyone could see how you did the project. They also used those opportunities to give/ask for feedback. But they, mostly had a “code at your own pace” sort of vibe, at least that’s what I always felt. Basically, it was like unofficial projects on Codecademy.

I had actually been looking through the Job Opportunities and Collaborative Work category, since that seemed closer to what I was trying to do. But the people I saw in it were more into an ongoing project.

As it stands, it feels like I’m just doing stuff by myself. Which I guess is fine, but I have no real direction. My group gave me a direction, it gave me a reason to try and use this stuff. I guess basically what I liked about groups, and what I want here in general, is a dedicated spot for projects for people who can’t come up with their own. Since I’m not very creative, that’s really why I joined the group I was in. I saw they were relatively active, and created slightly different projects from Codecademy that allowed me to attempt to practice more of what I learned. Also, seeing other people’s version of the same project made me rethink some of the choices I made in my own. So whether it’s made into a weekly thing or not, as long as there in a list in one spot, I think that would be helpful. They don’t even have to be made by CC staff, just as long as there’s a specific spot for them.

I’m glad that private messages are a thing now, it’s nice to have the opportunity to talk to others outside of a post.


@eternallocket [quote=“eternallocket, post:3, topic:17719”]
Since you weren’t there for the appearance

I remember them pretty well, I just wasn’t around when they were created :slight_smile:

I remember some of the challenges from the Web Dev Tutorials group… I didn’t get to do many, but they looked fun. You might be interested to know that with Codecademy Pro, you do get challenges to and quizzes you can use to practice your knowledge :slight_smile:
@alexcommunitymgr What do you think of creating a (sub?) category for programming tutorials and challenges off of Codecademy?

@etarnallocket Oh oops, I meant to write a little more in my other post.

I think that there’s a pinned About the Corner Bar Category topic, isn’t there?

It sounds to me like you’re trying to keep that loner vibe, by trying to make your stuff private…
I’m not very active on there anymore, but I’ve got a pretty good number of followers; I can see why you feel like it’s not very social, but it can also be very social too :wink:

Definitely. I’ve seen several people start doing “first timer only” issues that tell you exactly what steps you need to do, and the people will guide you through fixing it and submitting your pull request, which is really great though :slight_smile:

You said you were there for the disappearance, I kind of just assumed you meant around the last couple months before they were gone.

I saw the “about the Corner Bar” thing, I meant the Git course. I should have been more clear. If I remember correctly, clicking it takes you right into the course, which is fine. But the description for Git seemed like a whole new thing, so I wasn’t sure how much like Github it actually was; especially since I try hard not to visit Github.

I don’t mind going off and doing my on thing, but it’s nice to have group activities once in a while. I keep some of my stuff private because I’m just trying it, and there’s an extremely high chance I’ll drop it and never come back to it, at which point I’d probably just delete the pen anyways. CodePen is nice and has made quite a few changes, but I don’t know it sort of feels like a place for professionals, I feel a little out of place. Other than that, it seems like the only way to interact with someone is through comments on pens or blog posts. From what I can tell, in most places excluding Github, the only way to “group” up with people is by using an outside source. i would prefer to my coding and stuff in one place, which is part of why I used my codebits for my projects.

I used the search bar and searched “beginner,” I’m not entirely sure how beginner some of it was.

Regardless of what happens, I’m already looking through my previous codebits. Since they’re quite ugly, I plan on making a second attempt on most of them.

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Git/GitHub can be confusing a lot :slight_smile:

  • Git is a version control system. You can store a Git repository pretty much anywhere, and push changes to it, merge changes from someone else, or revert to an older version if you goofed something up.
  • GitHub is a place that lets you store your Git repository for free. It gives you a nice interface, rather than making you use the command line for everything.

If you learn Git, you’ll be able to do stuff on GitHub without much trouble :slight_smile:

Omg, thank you for clarifying the difference. Before I get too far ahead of myself, is it explained in the Git course how to allow others to edit the same project?

@eternallocket No problem, glad I was able to help you understand that :slight_smile:

Unless your Git repository is private, anyone can fork, clone, and work on your code. They can then submit a pull request which you can choose to merge with yours or not. The Learn Git course teaches all of those things, I think :slight_smile: