Please answer my little questions regarding coding

Hello! Please answer my questions below -

Q.1) Is it possible to create an app with only python?

Q.2) Please give me a python editor where i can convert python code into an apk.(I can’t find one)

Q.3) What should i learn after i learn javascript(for app development)?

app is very broad, even web applications could be considered apps. Assuming you mean mobile apps, there is kivy. Never worked with kivy, but there website says we can make mobile (touch) apps.

there don’t seem to be many alternatives to Kivy:

not editor related, you need a library like Kivy which can do this.

there are several ways to create hybrid mobile and desktop applications with Javavscript, html and css. Electron and reactive native to name two.


For my Android Apps on mobile devices I use Kotlin. It is accesses the Java base well. Codecademy has a great beginning course on Kotlin too.
Here is a link to there brand new page for Kotlin.

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