Please add more clarification re. Z Shell in Command Line course

I am very new to Command Line and have been following the Learn The Command Line course. I’m running Mac OS Catalina / Big Sur and both use Z Shell. It’s mentioned at the start of the Configuring The Environment chapter that you might have Z Shell and there would be some differences.

A bit more detail, or a link to more detail, would be helpful. I tried out editing .bash_profile on my own machine but got nowhere, because I needed .zprofile, for example.

Thank you.

Here’s some info:–zsh–30lm

Or, you could change the default if you want:

Thanks for that link. It’s useful. I did manage to sort out my own problem (and I think I’d want to use the latest shell that comes on my machine in any case). I just think it probably warrants a mention again in the course at the point where you start configuring the environment.