Please add C# and C++


You already read the title, JUST DO IT!


Personally.. they shouldnt.. there are so many views on C++.. and plus SOO MANY stuff to learn about.. it would be impossible to cover all topics.. i reccomend you go to checkout my C++ Guide(Btw i dont do C# Nor like it sorry :frowning: )


Another thing I would like them to add is how to make javascript interact with websites


They already did.. There is an Angular JS Course


But they teach in the web app format, not making sites interactible and also in the course poll for codecademy pro they have it as an option.


What do you mean interactable exactly? Just saying, Javascript is Not a General Purpose Programming Language.


He meant that codecademy doesn't teach anything about DOM related manipulation in JavaScript. They covered this topic only in the jQuery course. That was a bad decision.

Javascript is Not a General Purpose Programming Language

I strongly disagree. But I would love to know why do you think so. Can you elaborate? If you don't want to continue this discussion in the forum please PM me.


I agree, C# should be added, there are a lot of .net developer positions in my area and I would love to get some practice in that area. I also like the strictness of the MS stack vs open source stuff.


I highly dissagree, and i have said this many times in PM. Its impossible for codecademy to cover the slightest info in C#, or C++, or C, or any of those low level langauges. Because there is SOOOO Much to cover.


Even if so, they should consider it a high difficulty language and assume you already know basic things like looping, data types, and OOP design so it wouldn't be such a huge course.


Thats a huge nono @tehluigi . OOP In C/C++ Is VERY Diffrent from most of the OOP Langauges out there, for example Java , C# , etc...

One basic diffrence is friend classes.... But there are much much more diffrences.

Assume? There are so many people who take C/C++ or Any other Low Level langauges as thier first langauge(Which i highly do not reccomend). And thats even going to confuse these new learners even more..

I already posted good resources about C++ Here:

I dont have one for C, since i did not learn it... But its preety simmilar to C++, as C++ Is just an extension to the orignal C Langauge.