Please add C++ and C#

Make please C++ and C# courses
A lot of people want to training this languages

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you can vote in the course poll for new courses, there are simple more language then codecademy can teach (C, haskell, go and so on)


You know how much time does it have to make new courses?
Cause im really want to teach them))

You can’t write any courses, only codecademy developers can, the feature for everyone to write courses was removed years ago. There is a list with language codecademy doesn’t teach, and where you can learn these languages

But also how mych does it takes?

Because only your site can teach so good

Long, not so surprising. The course has to be designed, build and so on, the checking script has to be good, old courses need to be maintained, the site need to be maintained and so on

Ehhh, its bad!
Ok, have a nice day!