Playing with Movies Table: Change column name and showing ALL (*) FROM Movies

Hello everyone, I’m just getting started on SQL. This is the link to the “exercise”:
I was playing with the table Movies and can’t figure out how to change the name of a column WHILE showing all of the columns ie. I want to rename imdb_ratings to ‘Puntajes’ (in Spanish). I know I need to type SELECT imdb_ratings AS ‘Puntajes’, however that only queries that specific column. I want to see all of the table with that column renamed. How can I go about this?


There are two ways in which you can achieve this in SQL, the first one might require a bit of labor as it involves typing out all the columns and adding an ALIAS to those that you want the rename:

SELECT imdb_ratings AS Puntajes, column2, column3 FROM [table]  

The second way is explicitly naming the column you wish to rename, and then using * to get all the other columns:

SELECT imdb_ratings AS Puntajes, * from [table]

The second way does have a side effect of having the specified column appear twice.

Hope this helps!

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