Playing with a plugin


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Hiding the awwwwesome.


ooooh nice!

Cute dog too. Not sure about that woman's face above it, though.


Is this a new toy we get to use? and if so how's it used :smiley:


I really hope so. It's awesome :wink:


No one said that I couldn't use it - but no one said that I could either. Give it a whirl. :smile:

It works like this:

[details=put a helpful message here]

put all of the stuff you want to hide in here


Which will generate this:

put a helpful message here

put all of the stuff you want to hide in here


It is doable! YAAAAY



Something smells fishy


It's a fish... It's a cute little fish...



                 _/'.:'_:'`._    .-._
            _.-''        ```-`.,'.::.`-._
         _.'                    ``-..:.:.`-.
       ,'          ____               `-:.:,'      _..-'|
     ,',.      ),''    ```--...___        `-.__..'':..  |
    / (O )   \  `.  ___....-----..``-...___      \::.   |
   /_' `'  /  )  /,'::::::._:.-'           ````-.-'- .-'|
   ,-`'. ,' ,'  /  ):::._,'             __...--../::.   |
   `.        _,'`--''            _.''           `-.._|
     `''-..''_                   _.'.:`. SSt
              ``.  ..--....___.-' `:_.::/
                 \ .:`.`-.\



Reminds me of this: Hour of Cod


Only you...  


Now, can you think of an example where this would come in handy in the forums?




Some code


Some code


@jibblyj, i like that idea, but some people are already struggling with formatting there code, how are they going to figure this one out? Could it be made in a button which will toggle a input field?


It could be complicated to figure out, but then again who said it's them that's going to use it?


@stetim94 I agree with @jibblyj that it's probably going to be us active forum people using it; regular users likely won't ever even know about this.
I think I'll be using it like:

you need to do [x]. if you need help with that, here's a hint:

example code

// example code


That is really nice, that you can give a hint, and then give a more detailed hint as backup, clever thought


This will help for sure. I'm thinking of many magical uses, and it could encourage the masses to learn more about the forums. "How did he doooo thaaaat" "wwoooooooow" xD silly simple stuff like this makes everything more fun.




I made use of it!


Seriously though.

And what do you think of my new profile pic?


Not sure if anyone can come up with a good use for it (why hide details about yourself in public?), but [details] works on profiles as well :)