Playing Sounds in Python

I want to make a program for morse but I don’t know how to play a sound in Python (Morse code is mostly sounds, right?) is that even possible? It would also be helpful if you can store those sounds into a file. If so please tell me how.

Ok, to be specific I mean Morse code sounds (dits and dahs).

Well, you simple need two audio files: one with a long sounds, and a short one. Then the right library’s to play the sounds, and maybe something with buttons? So a gui library (like tkinter), should be pretty straight forward

What libraries can be used to play sounds?

There is a whole page in the wiki (link) about that

I’m confused about how to use most of these libraries.

Well, if you specifically know what you are looking for, you can do a google search which will result in this. My search result might be linux related since google keeps preferences.