Playing a Youtube video in Visual Studio Code using HTML

When I run this code as an HTML file the first video plays the second does not.
What am I missing?

As you can see I am very new to programming!
Thanks in advance for your help

Hey, @java1071024745 welcome to the forums.

Please copy and paste your code here. And make sure you format it because it will display as the output and not the code.

It appears you did not format your code so we are not able to view it. please use ``` to format your code.

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’ ’ ’

' ' '



Place your code inside of backticks. The backtick key should be next to the number 1 key on your keyboard. Use one back tick (`) to surround your code if the code is short, less than a line. Use three backticks (```) to surround your code that is one or more lines long. If using three backticks, be sure to leave a blank line after the first set of backticks and before the second set of backticks.

Example short code: This is my code … code snippet

Example long code: This is my code …


Hope this helps.

“code snippet” and the “code … code … code” were written by me surrounded by backticks, but they appear without backticks. This is how your code will appear (without backticks) if you use write them within backticks. Hope I didn’t confuse you.

That should read: if you write them within backticks.

Most of the latest major browsers natively support the MP4 container format with the H. The 264 video codec and the AAC audio codec. You can open your video file using VLC Media Player. or you can check backlist issue or formatting if any thing don’t work then go to Window > Media Information and click on Codec details to see what video and sound codec was used.