Platform malfunctioning


I'm reporting this for one particular instance in one lesson because it's specific. But I have seen this phenomenon several times in different lessons

Environment: OSX 10.11, Chrome Version 47.0.2526.80 (64-bit)

To replicate:
1) work through Associations II, #3
2) pause until the "Are you still there?" message comes up
3) click "get back to coding"
4) finish step #4

  <% @movies.each do |m| %>
		<div class="movie">
  		<% image_tag m.image%>
  		<h3> <%= m.title %> </h3>
  		<p> <%= m.release_year %> </p>
  <% end %>

(ETA: it does not seem to matter whether the <div> is inside or outside the .each loop)

5) go to https://localhost:8000/movies as directed

What should happen:
a list of movies images, titles, and release years

What happens instead:
One single movie image with title, plot summary, and "read more" button. See screenshot (and note how scroll bar indicates this is all there is)