Platform badges and logos

Good morning everyone, the reason for this publication is to ask you if you have this same problem that I have seen during the last month on the platform, and that is that the badges and logos of the approved courses are not loaded correctly, it is simply a matter of aesthetics and design of the platform, but it would be good if you could review that aspect, since as a frontend student I know that this for some users and aesthetics of the site is important.
In fact I wanted to inspect a little more about the problem from my browser and this is what it shows me:


My Google Chrome browser is updated Version 86. In the same way, enter from firefox with the same result.
I don’t know if this is the right place for this information, but thank you very much Codecademy team!

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Hi, thanks for posting.

I’ve had a look at the badges, and I get a similar set of errors (not 79, mind) as you are.

I’ll feed this back and see if it’s an issue that can be fixed. :slight_smile:


Ok, currently they are loading the logos of the badges correctly, although I keep seeing that some logos of the courses that I have finished still do not show them correctly on the screen.

I am confident that the codecademy team will be able to correct that minor issue. Thank you very much too.