Placing Pictures Question


Getting just a oops try again. Im placing a picture under another picture. Don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<img src="" 	 
<img src=""/>


No closing /> tag.


Your img is not closed missing /> at the end after ...."


here is what have.. still getting a oops..

<img src=""/>


i have a a closing... />


this lesson requires you to use the XHTML format so should have a space between .." and />

Like this:

<img src="URL" />


enter link description here

i have all of that.. (i think)


You have this ^

I'm saying you need a space like below

<img src="" />

a space between double quotes and />


i deleted and paste your code.. same message.. :pensive:


Did you use the format for both your images ?


sorry i did not.. thank u:slight_smile:


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