Places to code


i know how to animate my name now but i don't know where to actually code. Is there some application or place for me to code whatever and test out results? when i'm finished with the lessons ill need a place to practice in case i want to do anything serious or more worth while.


I would say on your own computer. All you need is a text editor for this: I would suggest Sublime Text. If you save a file as something.html and you open it up in the browser, it will be rendered correctly.



If you're ready to code in real time, you can start working on local. In order to do this, you must have a text editor (in windows, the default one will be notepad). I recommend usually text editor with colors so it's more easy to understand yourself in particular getting error messages, knowing where they occurred. You just type in text editor in google (whichever browser you're using) and it should list out a great list of text editors for you to use. I might cite some of the popular like Sublime Text with a rich, modern interface in a black background or you may want to try for Notepad++ which is an open source (which means it's completely free) recommended particularly for windows user. I might not go over which one is the best but here's a nice thread for suggestions.

After you've downloaded and installed the text editor, you can start writing code by opening your text editor application. Once you're done with it (I mean, you can have uncertainties about how it is going to look so you don't have to be sure if your code is done), you can see a preview of how it looks like. Please save your file with the appropriate extensions depending on which languages you use (.html for HTML files, .css for CSS files, and .js for JavaScript files) anywhere you want (I recommend to save it in new folders for this particular project if you have a specific project on which you want to work with). Now, access to your folder and right click your index.html to open it with your browser. This is a good way to preview projects before they get published or simply test for debugging purposes.

Now you can get into the real world by publishing it online. I know there's a Github tutorial online there. Github is a very useful tool to use for restoring previous versions of whatever software you are using or we can simply say it in one word: versioning We are not going to talk much about it however it's good to know how to use this technologies. In order to export it to the real world, to the Web, we must buy a domain name (like for international or for Canada or for France or well, you know, lot of extensions for domain) or use a free subdomain provided by the web host. Oh, don't worry, you won't have to spend a lot of money, domain registrar like goDaddy offer for cheap prices domain to buy. The domain is what is going to appear in the URL (Unified Ressource Locator) with the http:// which is the type of protocol used (you can refer to it as a language for machines to communicate) or https:// if your server is encrypted with SSL. The slash following it will be the path of your directory to access to a specific file.

Next, you will need to find a web host service to host your server (you can host it for yourself but I'll not explain it here because it is pretty complicated). As I said previously, you can host it freely or pay for unlimited disk storage and unlimited bandwidth. Then you can access to a file manager to export your files into your server but you can also use ftp protocol like filezilla to upload your website online. If you're using the file manager in your C-Panel, you should just get your folder with your project transferred in it, that's lot more faster than transferring files to your server separately. If you are using filezilla, you will first need to enter your server information like host provider, username, password and port which should be given by the web host. If you don't know this information yet, you can ask it to your web host provider. After entering all the authentication details, you can start transferring files to your server.

Finally, it should be all done by it. To view your website, simply go enter your website's URL like You can modify the files and retransfer these files to overwrite the existing ones. Like this, you can update your website. Sorry for the long reading by the way :wink:

Hope this helped :slight_smile: