Pl rectify


var nameString = function(name)
return "Hi,I am" + " " + name;		


What error is it giving?

Also, would you please post a link to the exercise?


Yes some more information would be needed. Btw you do not have to use "Susie" as an example. If the error message mentions "Susie", it just means that one of the test cases failed, but there are more then one case, so you won't be able to trick it by using "Susie" :wink:


Yes i know that but i am not able to find the error.
Also after logging out i am not able to reach directly at that lesson
where i left


We mainly meant that you should post the error message that you receive. So is it complaining about a different output or is it mentioning a keyword or variable name or is it just an "Oops try again". Something like this. Maybe it is just complaining about a missing space between "Hi," and "I am"? So far the syntax seems to be ok so an error message would be useful to see what the actual exercise is complaining about.


It is just saying "Oops try again" and when i am running the same on
code otherwise it is working


Pl tell me how to start from the lesson where i stopped last time.


I can pass the exercise using your code and adding the space between "Hi," and "I am ..."


Pl do it and let me know how can i resume from the same chapter


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