PizzaPy - Get your pizza while it's hot

Hey all,

I’ve just created my python terminal program, I’ve made a game in the past so I wanted to try something new. Please check out my pizza shop (in theory this could be built out to a simulation game, but that’s out of scope for now).

There will definitely be things that are not optimal in this setup both in the functions and the way the code is structured, so I’d love some feedback and pointers.

The whole thing is available on my public repo here PizzaPy

Very nice! had a few suggestions,

Make the code more efficient; refactor it using functions. By using functions, you can break down the code into smaller blocks of code that can be reused.

For example, the function specialOrCustom() can be used to check if the user wants a special or custom pizza. The choosePizzaSize(), sauce(), cheese(), and toppings() functions can all be used to get the user’s input for the size and toppings of their pizza. The closeOrder() function can be used to ask the user to accept or cancel their order. By doing this, you can avoid repeating the same code multiple times.

hope this helped! :slight_smile:

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