Pizza planet, it doesn't show my inputs


I am at step 4. When i try to see what i have done, nothing shows up... I really can't find the problem.



<div class="main" ng-controller="MainController">
  <div class="container">
    <h1>Specials for {{ today | date }}</h1>
    <div class="appetizers row" ng-repeat="appetizer in appetizers" >
      <div class="item col-md-9">
        <h3 class="name">{{ }} </h3>
        <p class="description"> {{ appetizers.description }}</p>
      <div class="price col-md-3">
        <p class="price"> {{ appetizers.price | currency }}</p>


<div class="footer">

<!-- Modules -->
<script src="js/app.js"></script>

<!-- Controllers -->
<script src="js/controllers/MainController.js"></script>




Since, you declared "appetizer in appetizers", you should change like {{appetizer.description}}