Pipenv --version only loading if preceded by source ~/.bash_profile

I am currently following these instructions:

I installed pipenv in the terminal following the instructions. At step 7 it tells me to load these environment variables into the shell using source ~/.bash_profile followed by pipenv --version and this works without problems. I receive my popenv version as a response.

However, if I close the terminal and open it again and type pipenv --version I receive the following message “zsh: command not found: pipenv”.

If I precede this request with source ~/.bash_profile then it works. In the attached video this is not necessary. Will it cause problems and is there a way to avoid the need to precede this command everytime with the source ~/.bash_profile command?

It’s possible that this thread might help you:

Yes I indeed installed Anaconda previously when I was taking another Python course (Code with Mosh). Once I started the Codecademy course I decided to drop the other course. I deleted Anaconda but I suppose the changes that were made are still kept in place.

Since I am only a beginner in Python I do not know how to revert all the changes that have been made because of the Anaconda setup. I deleted the bash_profile file in which I saw that Anaconda code was present.

Is there a way to find all Anaconda affected files and return them to default?