Pipenv shell doesn't work

Hello, I have the following problem, pipenv shell command does not open the line that allowing to enter the language you want to work in, instead it gives:

C: \ Users \ User \ Desktop \ Python Project \ project-2> pipenv shell
Running a subshell in a virtual environment …
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
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(project-2-F9o_mQ3k) C: \ Users \ User \ Desktop \ Python Project \ project-2>

All the previous steps were performed according to the instructions in the attached tutorial.

Could you help me?
And thanks so much!

Well it appears to have activated a virtual environment, note that your prompt has changed. You should be working inside your virtual environment at this point. What line to enter a language are you referring to?

Example from tutorial:
Launching subshell in virtual environment…
bash-3.2$ . /Users/codecademy/.local/shere/virtualenvs/project-2-TASkUss3/bin/activate (project-2) bash-3.2$

and on the same line after ‘bash-3.2$’, you can enter the language

Actually, while I was typing the reply, I figured out the solution :sweat_smile:
Nevertheless, thank you so much!!