Pipenv - numpy import problem in virtual env. VScode

Hi All,

In my course “Computer Science” I stumbled on my first “big” problem that I don’t quite understand. This is regarding the pipenv video course (https://www.codecademy.com/paths/computer-science/tracks/cspath-python-objects/modules/cspath-modules/videos/learn-python3-pipenv).

I’m perfectly able to follow (ie. installing pip, adding path, checking versions, setting up virtual environment, etc.). I checked the installed versions in CMD as well as in VS code. All aligns with the video.
BUT the moment I deploy the virtual environment in one of the project maps (pinenv shell) I’m not able to import numpy stating that there is no module with such name. This confuses me since I’m able to see the installed version in the pipfile and whenever I reïnstall the output states that the condition is already statisfied.

Anyone got an idea what is wrong here?