Pipenv install issues

Like others, I am having problems installing pipenv from the video https://youtu.be/BVr-6Ki96XM . None of the responses on the other threads have been helpful and neither have been Google searches.

I followed the directions. But I get the error message command not found when I type pipenv --version . And I get the same error message when I type pipenv .

When I re-did the directions, I didn’t get the yellowed message after installation that talked about the PATH.

When I open my bash_profile, it looks as follows:

What I noticed when following the instructions to install pipenv was that my bash_profile file already contained several lines of text, whereas the instructor’s file seemed to be empty. Can anyone recognize from the screenshot if I did anything wrong when installing or if the preexisting lines have something to do with my problem?

From the screenshot, it would appear that the additional content of the .bash_profile file has come from Anaconda when you’ve installed that.

If you type echo $PATH at the terminal, what comes back?

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Thanks for your help! This is what I get: