Pipenv install does not work

Dear all,

Trying to set up

pip3 -- user pipenv

I get the following error

user@Hannahs-MacBook-Pro-2 ~ % pip3 --version
pip 21.0.1 from /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pip (python 3.9)
user@Hannahs-MacBook-Pro-2 ~ % pip3 install --pipenv    

  pip3 install [options] <requirement specifier> [package-index-options] ...
  pip3 install [options] -r <requirements file> [package-index-options] ...
  pip3 install [options] [-e] <vcs project url> ...
  pip3 install [options] [-e] <local project path> ...
  pip3 install [options] <archive url/path> ...

no such option: --pipenv
user@Hannahs-MacBook-Pro-2 ~ % 

Any tips?

Is this from the “Getting started off platform” article on the DS path?
Did you install Anaconda? Ultimately, are you trying to install Jupyter Notebook?

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That specific command is going wrong due to the -- in front of pipenv so that it’s trying to look for a pip command line option of --pipenv which does not exist. The command would be pip3 install pipenv or if you’re limiting this to a user directory pip3 install --user pipenv.

You can use pip3 -h to see a short guide to the various options.


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