Ping Pong game created in Javascript!

Hey! I created this ping pong game with you going against the computer! Each 5 interval you go up by in your score the speed of the ball gets higher and the AI(Computer) intelligence gets higher! Enjoy
(Remember to click on image to play it)! Give me suggestions down below! :smile:

Ping Pong

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The launch speed is so hight at certain point, too high for my liking

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A good try but i would say that it glitched quite a but for me, when i would score for some reason the ball lagged for about 10s and went back to normal and I had scored 6-9 so quite a bit of lag, I think you could reduce or eliminate the lag by simplifying your code.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Oh, Thanks! @stetim94 and @the_s10

That’s really good, @amanuel2 :slight_smile:
You might want to not let the paddles go past the edges, though :slight_smile: