Pig Latin Input!


For this course, it seems like whatever I put in, it always returns an error. I even took a snip of what I typed in, and when it gave me the answer it was the same. And it seems to happen on every lesson. I’ve reset the lesson, even reset the whole thing, and it keeps happening.

original = raw_imput(“Enter a word:”) is correct but always returns wrong

The same thing happens on Move it on Back, and then it doesn’t return anything after "enter a word"
The “ending up” erases my past input so nothing is right, and it never translates into pig latin but it lets me keep going on the the next and congratulates me for completing it?


Are you sure about that, being correct, that is?


When you type in the code wrong and it asks you if you wanna get the code, it’s exactly the same. I even took a snip of mine and compared it.


Can you still not see the elephant in the room in the above quote from your code?