Piano Keys not making sense

Here is my code up until Task 7 and the code doesn’t work. The browser doesn’t do anything. What am I doing wrong???

// The keys and notes variables store the piano keys
const keys = [‘c-key’, ‘d-key’, ‘e-key’, ‘f-key’, ‘g-key’, ‘a-key’, ‘b-key’, ‘high-c-key’, ‘c-sharp-key’, ‘d-sharp-key’, ‘f-sharp-key’, ‘g-sharp-key’, ‘a-sharp-key’];
const notes = ;

// Write named functions that change the color of the keys below
const keyPlay = function (event){
event.target.style.backgroundColor = green;

const keyReturn = function (event){
event.target.style.backgroundColor = ’ ';

// Write a named function with event handler properties
const keyAssignment = (note) => {
note.addEventListener(‘mousedown’, keyPlay);
note.addEventListener(‘mousedup’, keyReturn);

// Write a loop that runs the array elements through the function

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In your keyAssignment function, you wrote 'mousedup' instead of 'mouseup'.

Thanks, yeah I caught and corrected that typo. Code still doesn’t work the problem is something else.

Without proper formatting, it is difficult to spot potential issues.

Did you write

event.target.style.backgroundColor = green;

instead of

event.target.style.backgroundColor = 'green';