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I am working my way through the Piano Keys project, linked here.

I have been able to get up to step 13 in the project. However I cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong when trying to implement Step 13. In this step it asks to add to the function so that when it runs it updates the text to be “DEAR” and “FRI-”. What I have implemented does not update the text like it should. Any thoughts as too what I am missing.

nextTwo.onclick = function (){
nextThree.hidden = false;
nextTwo.hidden = True;

document.getElementById(‘word-five’).innerHTML =‘DEAR’;
document.getElementById(‘word-six’).innerHTML = ‘FRI-’;

Here is a link to my code in its entirety. When I run it and test the code everything seems to be working up to the document items within the nextTwo.onclick function.


Take a look at your nextTwo.hidden line. You want it to equal true.

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@winningblue Glorious. Thank you for the help. I will say I stared at that for way longer than I would like at admit all due to a capitalization error haha.



No worries, we’ve all been there and will be again.

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