Phyton Somebody can help me?


Create three dictionaries: lloyd, alice, and tyler.

Give each dictionary the keys “name”, “homework”, “quizzes”, and “tests”.

Have the “name” key be the name of the student (that is, lloyd’s name should be “Lloyd”) and the other keys should be an empty list (We’ll fill in these lists soon!)

student = {
    name: "",
    homework: [],
    quizzes: [],
    exams: []


@mtf Isn’t that giving him the answer though?


Yes and no. Sometimes people just need to see it for themselves to realize they have the right idea, especially when their confidence is low. In the earliest stages the challenge is not whether one can think things through and design a program, it is remembering, mostly, and getting muscle memory, etc.


@mtf Okay. Thanks for telling me!


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