Phython Final exam help

Hey guys, I am a freshman in a university currently, on wednesday I have a final on intro to programming, its on python and we are going to be responsible by completing two tasks on pycharm, its basically a programming quiz, altough I am finished with the python 3 course on codecademy I seem to have problems finishing those tasks on time, with the pressure factor included and I am new to this stuff, I get mixed up pretty easily. You can say that I am still having problems on the thought process and the way I look and think while I write my code is not the perfect way, I get lost pretty easily since I usually just try to guess whats the most basic way to write that code rather then whats the most practical way. So what I was saying that on wednasday around 9 am to 12 pm EST I am going to have a final, I wanted to ask if any of you guys who are good at pyhton could help me during that if I get to have questions, maybe on here or somewhere else? The tasks seem pretty easy for someone who is basically familiar with python, I can show some examples if someone is willing to help.

Thank youuu

Hello @web5984955445, welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, we can’t help during exams on the forums; that would be cheating. But if you have questions before the exam, that would be fine.