PHP wigging out for me

I’m working on the PHP coding course.
I continue to have problems progressing the changes I make stop being saved, I have to back out and back in and retype code. This is happening independent of the computer I’m on. Did not have this issue with JavaScript, and Ruby nor Rails on Ruby.
Currently stuck on learning Math Function I for PHP. I have the code right, it rounds the number/integer on the the display, but get and error message “The first call on round() should print an integer”, which is what is doing. Can’t get past this, and cannot see a problem with the code.
I think this PHP course application has some bugs in it. and I’m ready to give up on it. It is hard to learn when you are not confident that the issues are you or the bugs.
Anyone have ideas on what to do about this?


Yes this course does have glitches and SCT not working in some lessons.
This course was created years back and no updated are being done, we hope to have a new course created in the near future.

However post in your code, lesson,error maybe you have a mistake ? That we can correct :slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience.
You can have a look at this list for other resources that can help you learn PHP.