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I'm new to programming, but I want to create a website. I want to make it so that it can communicate between multiple computers. for example, if you press the space-bar on one, it would send the time to the other and when the space bar is pressed on the second computer, it will subtract the two times to get the time it took, like a stopwatch between two computers. Would I use PHP for this? would a host like this be able to support a site like this? Am I completely lost? Thanks in advance!


I'm not a PHP developer but it seems like an easy task, the trouble would be the real time interaction, but the time machine is easily achievable by using built-in functions.


@matthewrowberrygmail I don't think PHP can do this easily, it sounds like more of something you'd do with JavaScript, if you're using a web-based language. Research “Websockets”.


Seems to me like a job for Node.js.
If the two computers are on the same network, you can create an http server on the first one that listens for this. You can then go to the server on the second one (when it's pressed)