PHP, various issues

The lesson always either crashes out or won’t submit (infinite loading screen on submit button). Is the lesson broken right now?

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Looks like its still having issues. I was considering stepping up to Pro but with these issues and no moderator response it seems like a waste of money. I’ve added the correct [else] conditional several times to print accurately, its showing accurately in the output browser but Code Academy training environment says "Oops, try again. Did you accidentally change the condition in your if statement? It looks like your code didn’t print ‘You get a 5% discount!’. YES, it did print, I’m looking at it.

It’s broken for me. I have to reload the page at least a couple of times before it will successfully submit (and even then if often validates incorrectly).

There’s also some missing instructions in lesson 2 Conditionals and Control flow - you are asked to “compare two numbers”. I wrote a syntactically correct comparison but the validator complained that it wasn’t true! Maybe the instructions should have specified that it had to evaluate to true as well as being correct…

Yup. Broken. Can’t submit an answer without getting an error or infinite loading. To move to the next exercise I’ve got to refresh the page and attempt to submit again. Also, it appears to not actually read the code you’re inputting, but is expecting certain formatting, such as when attempting to set the $myName variable in one lesson, I couldn’t put

<?php $myName = "name"; ?>

which is a format clearly shown in prior examples. Instead, it would only accept this format:

<?php $myName = "name"; ?>

Additionally, when trying to do the comparison exercise, entering valid comparisons don’t register either.

So, this course is useless at the moment. Moving on to some other service.

I’m having the same difficulties. I am inputting the correct code yet the lesson doesn’t accept it as valid

example (from “conditionals and control flow”

    1 > 0;

this should register as a correct answer.

I also experience the application hanging when I click “submit”

seeing as there is no moderator response in this thread, I’m leaving for greener pastures.

Have done all four lessons and pass all exercises. However, there were a couple of instances where comments communicate misleading information.

Lesson 2 code carries over to lesson 3, including the comment,

// Set this to a number greater than 5!

This is unfortunate, since we need to do the opposite to pass. Set the value to 5 or less so the added code can be tested. It’s what most users would do if that comment wasn’t there.

Lesson 4 has this comment,

// Write your if/elseif/else statement here!

when there is nothing of the sort given in the instructions. The if/else statement asked for in the instructions is what is expected to pass, and does.

As for lesson 1, I didn’t try to break it. It passed with,

        1 < 3;

Moving this thread to Platform issues and pruning.