PHP Sunset

Does anyone know, when the PHP-course will be gone. I need it for my class until end of October.

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Late this summer. That’s all the information that’s been released by Codecademy so far.

When we know of a more precise date, we’ll let you know.

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Why was PHP removed? I know it was announced, but no reasoning was offered.

The PHP courses were very old, buggy, and outdated. They were the least used courses on Codecademy by far, and declining in use all the time, just as PHP itself is declining in popularity in the web development world. Student demand was far higher towards making, for example, more content in other languages like JavaScript or offer all-new languages like C#, rather than continuing to maintain PHP. We have widely communicated that we are migrating from one learning infrastructure to another on a tight timeline, and converting our old courses to our new environments take a lot of investment. As a startup where we have to ruthlessly prioritize our resources, we had to prioritize other things right now over continuing to invest in a course that the data showed that relatively few people wanted. Continued support and maintenance of any course for us costs money, and hiring PHP specialists to rewrite a course costs more money, but the market for PHP is very small. So, the decision was clear – to sunset this course. We announced that this would happen early in 2017 for the summer, and dates were updated on our blog as we knew more about when these transitions would happen.


The first part i think everyone would understand,
Can you elaborate more on the second part about why you think the market for PHP is very small?
otherwise that was just a funny opinion.

Not many people doing the PHP part at Codeacademy does not mean PHP is declining,
Does :

ring a bell in the current web market?

What part of “sunset” don’t you understand?

If you would like to learn PHP, google for some courses elsewhere, because complaining about it here in the forums isn’t going to change anything.

I apologise for sounding harsh, but these complaints are getting ridiculous.

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didn’t you read my comment above?
i am not complaining about the course being removed

in case you missed, here it is:
"Can you elaborate more on the second part about why you think the market for PHP is very small? "

or perhaps you can bring some stats and post it here so that other users can see how small the market for PHP really is.

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I apologize, but your question feels more passive-aggressive than anything. Whether or not you meant it, your “question” comes off as brash and arrant.

If you have a sincere question, please feel free to ask it in a polite and respectful manner, otherwise no one is going to give you the time of day.

I will however give you some links to some charts, because you asked nicely.


Our PHP course was, and always has been, the least popular course at Codecademy. PHP has been declining in popularity and prominence for years. Here’s some info from Google Trends. You can also look at Stack Overflow’s yearly survey and Google for other sources if you want to learn more.


Adding on to @danieloduffy’s answer…
“Learn PHP”
“Codecademy PHP” - this one is fluctuating, but is currently low, which is why the course maintenance wasn’t worth it.