PHP Retirement - Summer 2017

To be more specific; When will the PHP Course be retired?

I saw the blog post from last year that it would be retired Summer 2017. Does that mean June, July, August, or September?

I tried posting to a PHP forum but the post button was disabled.

All I know is ‘soon’. I’ll find out or get someone else to reply about that.

Regarding this; [quote=“bam390, post:1, topic:83979”]
I tried posting to a PHP forum but the post button was disabled.
Only moderators and above can create topics and reply to them in this category, since the course will be retiring very soon and the category is on its way to being closed and removed after the removal of the course. Posting here is the correct place to post this anyway, and if you had posted in the PHP course, it could’ve been moved anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the question though :slight_smile: I’m trying to get information about this now.

Thanks. I would really like to complete it before it goes away.

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There is no official, specific date for the removal of the Codecademy PHP course, however, you can expect to see it disappear from the course catalog sometime later in the summer.

When Codecademy has a more specific timeline, they’ll tell us.

Happy coding!

Thanks; Well, I was able to finish it at least once.

I have been thinking about taking it on ed2go; it is there. 'Course there are always newer technologies clamoring for attention!